Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Do You Think Parliamentary Committee And Tech Companies Will Ban VPN In India?

 The Parliamentary Committee has called on the government to ban VPN services in India as part of curbing malicious activities, cyber threats. 
Do You Think Parliamentary Committee And Tech Companies Will Ban VPN In India?
Do You Think Parliamentary Committee And Tech Companies Will Ban VPN In India?

The panel found that VPN administrations were giving a chance to crooks to stow away on the web. 

At the same time, there are reports that all major companies in India are using VPN to protect their networks from hackers. Companies will be cut if banned Representatives of some companies say that the importance of such tools has increased in the context of working from home. Companies say hackers can infiltrate the company's servers if they have to use insecure Internet services.

It is said that this tool is now indispensable for all the important companies in the country. At the same time, ordinary VPN users can, to some extent, remain anonymous on the Internet. The parliamentary advisory group has required a restriction on VPN and the Dark Web.VPN ought to be prohibited totally. As indicated by MediaNama, the parliamentary council has proposed a total prohibition on VPNs in India in a joint effort with Internet specialist organizations. 

 The committee report said it was "concerned" that the perpetrators could not be identified. VPN poses a technological challenge. It is claimed that users of VPN services and the dark web can easily bypass the country's cyber security systems. It is also reported that VPN services have become more accessible in recent times. 

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The Ministry of IT and the Ministry of Home Affairs need to work together to take further action. It is suggested that VPN usage be eliminated with the help of internet service providers. The committee also said that VPNs should be banned permanently in collaboration with international agencies. In addition, the committee called for strengthening tracking and monitoring systems in the country. The suggestion is to use the latest technology for this.

In China While there is currently no possibility of Western democracies banning VPNs, some other countries are likely to ban VPNs. China is one of the major anti-VPN countries. Even in China, VPN is not completely banned. On the other hand, Apple does not make VPN apps available in their App Store. At the same time, there are still people in the country who use VPNs. It remains to be seen what India's approach will be. Windows 11 will be unveiled on October 5th, and one of the main features will be delayed The latest version of Windows, Windows 11, will be released on October 5th. 

One of the most important features of the updated OS is that it can run Android apps on the computer. But Aaron Woodman, Windows' marketing manager, said the feature would not be available initially. He said that Android apps will be launched in the coming months in collaboration with Amazon and Intel. At the same time, Microsoft, which owns the Windows OS, may not be able to run all the Android apps in the Play Store on Windows, as this is not a change in collaboration with Google. 

 Zoom's share price fell 11 percent A setback for the Zoom video conferencing service caught the attention during the Kovid lockdowns. Shares of the company have fallen 11 percent in the stock market, Reuters reports. The downside is that Zoom can't find new users. Many countries have lifted bans on the pandemic, which has led to a decline in the use of services such as Zoom and Microsoft teams. At the same time, Zoom says he needs to find new ways to grow. എ BSNL with 2GB data plan daily for one year for Rs 1,498 BSNL launches new prepaid plan This plan is available from 23rd August. 2GB of data per day for Rs 1,498 per year. Users of this plan will get a total of 730 GB of data per year. After using 2GB per day, the speed will drop to 40kbps. However, the biggest limitation of this plan is that it does not receive voice calls or SMS.

Apple to launch an app for classical music Apple brings good news to classical music lovers. The company recently acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service. The Verge reports that Apple is preparing to launch an app exclusively for classical music in 2022, including its services. The new service may also be able to connect to Apple Music, the existing music streaming app. South Korea bans payment systems from Apple and Google Google and Apple's attempts to establish monopolies in the money transfer sector have suffered a setback in South Korea. The country's National The assembly passed the bill with 180 votes against the proposal to include app developers in both companies' app stores. The report says that this may inspire other countries in the world.

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