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Enjoy Unlimited In WhatsApp, Just Need To Change Your Setting

Immediately Change in settings of your phone  in WhatsApp
Enjoy unlimited in WhatsApp, just need to change your setting
 Enjoy unlimited in WhatsApp, just need to change your setting

WhatsApp clients need to make some arrangement changes, which will present to you a great deal of comfort when running WhatsApp. Likewise, your telephone won't encounter the issue of dialing back because of the bigger extra room. Educate us concerning such changes 

A great many messages arrive at the texting application consistently. A portion of these are helpful messages, staying of the messages is pointless. Insane WhatsApp messages rapidly exhaust your portable web information, yet additionally, occupy a room on your versatile. 

To stay away from this, WhatsApp has offered numerous media controls, which will work with talk and video calls for clients. To do this, clients should roll out certain improvements to the WhatsApp settings. With this, clients will actually want to control photographs, recordings, and interactive media content of WhatsApp. To do this, clients should make changes to WhatsApp media orders. 

Handicap the Media Visibility choice 

Indeed, WhatsApp offers clients the choice of programmed download, so all photographs and recordings that come in WhatsApp are consequently downloaded and put away in the telephone's exhibition. Likewise, if an individual sends huge loads of messages each day, whose media document simply needs to close, then, at that point, to keep away from this, WhatsApp offers the choice of Media permeability to clients. Let us know how this functions. 

Step by step instructions to incapacitate programmed download 

Clients should initially download the most recent form of WhatsApp. 

From that point onward, open WhatsApp. From that point onward, three spots will show up at the highest point of WhatsApp. 

From that point onward, you need to embed the tab in the arrangement choice. 

Then, at that point, tap the Storage button. 

Then, at that point, tap the Automatic media download area. From that point onward, there are three choices when utilizing versatile information, when you're associated with Wi-Fi when you're meandering. Its three segments should be unchecked. 

Instructions to wind down media permeability 

Initially, you need to tap the Settings button. 

From that point forward, talks and afterward media permeability should be wound down. 

From that point forward, open the talk, then, at that point, turn off the visit whose media permeability you need to wind down.

Elon Musk announces Artificial Intelligence Day

Elon Musk announces 

Artificial Intelligence Day

this time the topic of completely autonomous driving may remain under discussion
Elon Musk announces Artificial Intelligence Day
 Elon Musk announces Artificial Intelligence Day

There are many motivations behind why Tesla's Artificial Intelligence Day is creating a ruckus. On Tesla's Artificial Intelligence Day, Musk's organization could likewise reveal insight into completely independent driving (FSD) frameworks. The pattern of independent driving has for some time been an intriguing issue of discussion in the car world. 

Tesla AI Day: Elon Musk has declared Artificial Intelligence Day for vehicle lovers and fanatics of electric vehicles all throughout the planet. Musk said via online media that AI Day will happen on August 19. Permit us to uncover to you that some time back, 

the CEO of Tesla shared the possibility of ​​hosting AI Day soon. Not just that, Musk wrote in light of a Twitter client that the main objective is to clarify the faith in the best AI ability to join Tesla. 

You will scarcely believe, Musk said about Tesla AI Day in June that the motivation behind the occasion was to enlist. Simultaneously, it is accepted that electric vehicle producer Tesla may likewise offer an overhaul of AI equipment and programming capacities. There are many motivations behind why Tesla AI Day causes a buzz, in Tesla AI Day, Musk's organization could likewise reveal insight into full programmed controlling frameworks (FSD). 

The method of independent driving has been a subject of discussion in the car world for quite a while, 

in which different feelings are given. While many accept that extending the limit will grow the job of AI in FSD, such things or frameworks stay powerless, as indicated by specific sites. 

The event could resemble Tesla Battery Day in September 2020, where the association talked about future battery development. As per the report, Tesla is figuring out how to feature its work for programmers and software engineering understudies and is additionally attempting to make automated taxicabs a reality for worldwide urban areas.

Facebook With Camera Glasses,Is The New Beginning Scary?

No more use of cell phones for photos and videos. Just turn on the cameras with the glasses on, Facebook with camera glasses
Facebook With Camera Glasses,Is The New Beginning Scary?
Facebook With Camera Glasses, Is The New Beginning Scary?

Facebook has teamed up with leading spectacle maker Ray-Ban to launch the new smart glasses. Bloomberg reports that the glass, dubbed 'Ray-Ban Stories', has two cameras on either side and speakers that can act as earphones. The phone connected to this smart glass can receive and answer incoming calls. 

The main advantage of smart glass is that it can listen to songs on the phone just like on a wireless earphone.

Listen to songs with glasses-

Music, phone calls, and cameras can all be controlled with glass. Everything is possible through the glass to hear the next song and return to the song you have heard before. While all of this can be done with Ray-Ban Stories, Facebook's new venture is said to be both scary and fun. 

The glass wearer can take photos and videos on the streets without the knowledge of others. There are those who argue that this may be an invasion of the privacy of others. You can also go to other features:

Position behind spectacles-

The new smart glass is an example of how Facebook, one of the world's leading technology companies, has begun to pay attention to the field of wearables. Ogmenrad reality (Afzal) travels between the company and says there is a probable boom in the next step. At the same time, today there are more modern smart glasses than Ray-Ban Stories. 

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Snapchat's 'Spectacles' (new model) is one of the most advanced in the world, coming to the scene in 2016. The added benefit is that augmented reality is also possible. There are rumors that a glass apple like this is also being made. For those who were expecting AR in the first glass of Facebook, the result was the only disappointment.

Is Google Glass better than privacy?

 Wearables technology is on the path of growth. Google Glass, which is said to have arrived a long time ago, was even more modern than Ray-Ban Stories. But it had a serious privacy issue. When the wearer came in front of us we could not tell if he was copying our pictures or video. But Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, says that's not the case with their glasses. Ray-Ban Stories A small light in front of it illuminates when taking pictures or video.

So his argument is that there is no need to be afraid of those who wear Ray-Ban Stories. At the same time, the reviewers who tested it say that no one cares if the light is on in the street or during the day. However, Some reviewers have suggested that the absence of such a light is one of the reasons for the failure of Google Glass. There were also reports that others were upset when people wearing Google Glass entered the rooms and so on. In any case, Zuckerberg was able to eliminate it to some extent. 

Two 5MP cameras

Two 5MP cameras are mounted on either side of the Ray-Ban Stories. These can be controlled by using the hardware button on the frame or by voice command (Hi Facebook Take a Picture or Record a Video). But the hint is that the pictures are not good enough. 

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At the same time, it may be beneficial for some to not have to pick up the phone and take a photo. If you are filming videos of cookery shows, you can use the footage from it to add more variety. The video footage is not so good either. The best smartphones use cameras with a resolution of at least 12 MP. Meanwhile, copied photos and videos can be taken to the phone and shared on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


Glass can also be used as a wireless earphone when connected to a smartphone. You can listen to all the songs and podcasts. However, reviewers say that if you turn up the volume to 70 percent, the song you hear will be heard by those closest to you. 

The quality of the speakers is unmatched, but the quality of wireless earphones like Apple's AirPods should not be expected. At the same time, there are some innovations in terms of camera and audio that can be seen in Facebook's first venture. This glass is not water-resistant. Therefore, it is best not to use it in the rain or near swimming pools. 

Collaboration with Ray-Ban 

Most people think that Facebook is a great start. One of the reasons for this is the decision to collaborate with Ray-Ban, a company that has been making frames. Ray-Ban glasses are often worn. The same is true of RayBanstories. 

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At the same time, it says that it lacks AR features. Cash is also considered to be something that can be given as a birthday present to their loved ones. In terms of cash, Ray-Ban Stories is priced at $ 299. The price will be around Rs 30,000. Some argue that it can be disturbing to be in a crowd wearing a camera that can always be recorded.

How you can hide the Google Search History

Make this Setting to hide the Google Search History
How you can hide the Google Search History
How you can hide the Google Search History

We presently all utilize Google administrations. The Google Platform contains delicate data, for example, search history and Google Assistant groups. To ensure such information, Google permits us to utilize passwords. On the off chance that you don't need any other individual to see your Google search history, we'll give you data about an exceptional stunt here. We should know ... 

Here's the way to place your secret key in Google Search History 

* To ensure your Google search history, go to in your internet browser 

* The Manage my movement check choice will show up here, click it 

* Now click Require extra confirmation choice and tap Save choice 

* Then enter your Google Account secret word 

* This will secret word ensure your Google search history. 

* To eliminate the secret word from your hunt history, rehash this interaction 

Google Search Update 

Allow us to let you know that Google as of late declared an update to Google search. Clients will currently know why they see "important catchphrases" and "related terms," ​​also on nearby locales. News from Mashable India guarantees that Google has uncovered hunt calculation innovation. As indicated by the organization, the hunt board has been refreshed to give clients better outcomes. Not just that, through the dashboard, clients will get tips on the most proficient method to discover better outcomes. 

At the point when clients discover something on Google, they'll see three spots in the right-hand corner of the query items. Tapping on them will take clients to the About this outcome board, where they will get information about the wellspring of the outcome. The organization accepts this will be of extraordinary advantage to shoppers.

How Predictive Analytics can predict Diseases

 Predictive Analytics can predict disease
How Predictive Analytics can predict Diseases
How Predictive Analytics can predict Diseases

Technology is now moving towards changing the situation in the health sector. Using complex hearing aids such as artificial intelligence, automatic educating, and predictive analysis, thousands of people are being protected from disease.

How much better would it be if a technician told a patient a few years before his heart disease or before cataract spread that this person would continue to have it in the future? The patient will already be well and physicians will be able to start preventive treatment and make the necessary changes in lifestyle and diet. Then he may not be a victim of this disease and if it is, much later. Microsoft and Apollo Hospitals are working together to save thousands of patients from heart disease using sophisticated hearing aids such as artificial intelligence, automatic educating, and predictive analysis.

Health prediction effective technology

The role of technology in healthcare is not limited to instruments, diagnostics, examination and assistive innovation. He is in a position to go beyond reporting and analysis and make predictions. Analyzing a large amount of pre-existing medical data and patient personal data, technology can now predict the future and is largely accurate.

Thanks to the internet, cloud and computing, we have a lot of relevant information available today, which is now easily available to data collection treatment activities around the world, which used to be done alone and whose data was only accessible to others during research. Since then data collection systems have also evolved a lot. Data computerization has become easier due to the low cost of internet and computers.

Better analysis from experienced doctors

This technique has proven to be better than experienced doctors in detecting disease conditions and the risk of death of a patient due to heart disease. Information by the learner at University College London, the model studied the health data of 60,000 patients with coronary corridor illness, performing better than cardiologists and surgeons. Experts draw their conclusions based on two aspects such as age, gender, genetic factors, disease history, habits, chest pain, etc., and artificial intelligence-based models analyze about 600 subjects and provide results.

Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and the University of Edinburgh have developed a technique called revolvers that analyzes genetic variation with the help of artificial intelligence. It analyzes data from cancer patients and accurately states that their cancer is on the rise. This allows the physician to take precautionary measures and the patient's chances of survival are better.

Technology is predicting eye diseases

Microsoft started a consortium with the LV Prasad Eye Institute a few months ago called the Microsoft Intelligent Network for Icarus (Mine). Under this, the risk of cataracts or blindness in patients with eye diseases can be estimated in advance. Under the Mining Platform, as a band together with the power, tests are being carried out to find out which children may become blind in the future due to eye diseases in children. 

The technology is also being used in Karnataka to protect people living in remote areas from eye diseases under an ongoing project called Maitri with Shankar Eye Hospital. These technologies will transform the field of treatment because they are able to understand each person's problems in individual and unique ways and provide them with customized solutions.

Here's An Easy Way To Avoid Ad Harassment On Android Phones

Nobody likes to see ads unnecessarily. 

In any case, these days, each and every individual who purchases Android telephones gets such an annoyance as well. That means ads will pop up from time to time while using the phone. 


Attempts are being made here to make four bucks by occasionally showing ads. One way to stop this was to 'root' the phone. Or install some apps that claim to be defensive. 

Tech websites, including XDA-Developers, are introducing a technology that can be easily tried without having to go through both of these programs.

Private DNS settings

The first thing to do is to find the private DNS settings in the phone's settings. This is usually hidden in the 'Network and Connectivity section of Settings. It can be placed on each phone in a different way. 

If you do not find what you are looking for then just search for Private DNS in Settings. If you do not find this setting, you may find it unfortunate. It's available  in versions of Android 9.0 and above

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Private DNS provider hostname

Once the private DNS is detected, tap on it. There are three options. They can be Off, Auto, and private DNS provider hostname. In this, select the private DNS provider hostname. Type here. (See screenshots.) 

This is Adgard's DNS server. This may be enough to block ads from reaching your phone. At the same time, each app may continue to show ads. For example Chrome browser or YouTube. The above action is not sufficient to prevent ads in these. At the same time, public advertising harassment should be reduced.

In browsers

If you are using the Chrome browser, open the app and tap on the three dots on the top right. Then go to the pop-ups and redirects settings and make sure it is off. Next, go to Site Settings. Go to Ads there. Make sure this is also off. 

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If Advertising annoyance persists in Chrome, install add-ons such as Adblock and Adblock Plus (AdBlock, Adblock Plus) for AdBlock. Or download and install a browser like Brave with Adblocker and start using it. Brave is becoming one of the best browsers in the world in terms of customization and defense. Brave is available for iOS and Windows.

'Humanity App' To Help Slow Down The Aging Process

UK-based app developer company Humanity has launched a new app, To Help Slow Down The Aging Process
'Humanity App' To Help Slow Down The Aging Process
'Humanity App' To Help Slow Down The Aging Process

This application utilizes your body's biometric information to figure out which activities can dial back your maturing cycle. That is, this application helps you in dialing back your maturing just as in your life span. 

The application is as of now dispatched uniquely for Apple clients, yet soon its Android form will likewise be dispatched. The Humanity application will be accessible from September. Humankind originators Michael Geer and Pete Ward have been chipping away at the application for over two years. They needed to make an application that depends on an individual's organic information could offer guidance on the most proficient method to dial back a client's maturing rate. 

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The point of the application is to at last assist each client with having the best solid way of life that improves wellbeing and life span. A free form (free form) of this application is additionally accessible. Be that as it may, assuming you need to exploit every one of the elements and warnings of the application, you should settle on a top-notch membership administration for around $40 (roughly Rs 3000) every year. 

Premium clients will actually want to see their biomarkers and discover how their way of life changes their organic age. Moreover, clients can likewise exploit the office of constant information checking 

When you register on the application, you need to enter essential data like your age, weight, stature. The application then, at that point, associates with the Apple Health framework, after which you are given a Humanity Score or H-Score. 

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You need to constantly further develop your H score in four distinct classes – Movement, Mind, Recovery, and Nutrition. With the progression of time, you will see that your organic age has likewise dialed back yet it can likewise switch. 

In this, the application can interface with sensors on your telephone and wellbeing wearables gadgets to follow different biomarkers like pulse, strolling, and best quality. It then, at that point, contrasts this information and its logical data set, which produces a profile of your organic age. 

It very well may be sung to know how quick you are going downhill. In light of your information, the application will make ideas to further develop your H score which incorporates general ideas like strolling, getting more rest.

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Will The Revised Drone Policy Revolutionize Indian Technology?

In March 2021, the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation will introduce legal reforms related to the operation of drones in the country. 
Will The Revised Drone Policy Revolutionize Indian Technology?
Will The Revised Drone Policy Revolutionize Indian Technology? 

In any case, the focal government pulled out the proposition after far and wide resistance from the scholarly community and new businesses that the revision would energize 'permit renunciation'. 

In this way, in August 2021, with the establishment of the amended Drone Act and its distribution in the Gazette, another law identifying with the activity of robots came into power in the country. Not at all like the request given in March, the new law considers more exclusions. 

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Thusly, the updated drone law has been for the most part invited by the market and scholastic specialists. 

1. Amended Drone Law - 2021 

The modified Drone Law 2021 will apply to all areas of the nation aside from the military. As per the law, an interesting approval number, a remarkable model recognizable proof number, and assembling endorsement, a testament of similarity, a support authentication, a port leeway declaration, an administrator grant, an understudy remote pilot permit, and a lot more are accessible. 

The greatest weight that robots can convey has been expanded from 300 kg to 500 kg. Beforehand, a robot administrator needed to submit 25 applications, yet under the new law, the quantity of utilizations has been decreased to five. The new law decreases the pilot permit charge for enormous robots from Rs 3,000 to Rs 100 and stretches out the permit to 10 years. 

The Act additionally accommodates corrections pointed toward expanding the speculation of unfamiliar organizations in the Indian robot-producing area. Appropriately, the responsibility for drone fabricating organizations will be vested in unfamiliar organizations. Also, the import of robots no longer requires the freedom of the Director-General of Civil Aviation. 

Robot makers and proprietors of imported robots can self-guarantee and get a one-of-a-kind recognizable proof number through the Digital Sky Platform. The Drone Act 2021 accommodates a decrease in the punishment for abuse of robots to a limit of one lakh and to absolve 'nano' robots and 'model' drones made for exploration or model from confirmation. 

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2. Advanced airspace map 

The new law accommodates three classes of robots: green, yellow, and red. The 'Green Zone' class incorporates trails up to 400 feet over the Yellow Zone/Red Zone. The Green Zone additionally classifies airspace as high as 200 feet, with a span of eight to twelve kilometers between working air terminals. The 'Yellow Zone' class remembers raised path over 400 feet for the Green Zones. 

The Yellow Zone likewise incorporates a 200-foot-high airstrip inside a range of eight to twelve kilometers of working air terminals. The Yellow Zone likewise makes the region above progress level inside a range of five to eight kilometers from air terminals. Regions, where robots can be flown distinctly with the extraordinary authorization of the Central Government, are remembered for the 'Red Zone' class. The Department of Civil Aviation has distributed a computerized airspace map itemizing these three regions. 

3. Robot market possibilities 

In the fourteen days since the modified robot law came into power, there have been a few new interests in the area in India. Tech Eagle, a robot conveyance startup, has raised with regards to Rs 4 crore from India Accelerator, Winners Group, and Stix Logistics. Skylark Drones, a robot startup, has reported that it will put Rs 22 crore in the robot fabricating area. 

Smith Shah, Director, Drone Federation of India, said in a meeting with Business Standard that the Indian robot market has a business capability of around Rs 50,000 crore and can possibly make around five lakh proficient positions in the following five years. 

He said the revision meant that the focal government had perceived the public significance of robots. Nasscom, a consortium of IT organizations, has additionally invited the law. Head administrator Narendra Modi additionally had conversations with Vivek Lal, CEO of General Atomics, a robot producer, during his visit to the United States. The gathering is important for arrangements for additional unfamiliar interest in the Indian robot market. He likewise shared an image of himself talking about the new robot rules with Vivek Lal on Twitter 

The utilization of robots has incredible potential for India. Robots are utilized to convey fundamental supplies to many secluded spaces of the country. The 'Medication from the Sky' project carried out by the Telangana government and the Justice Commission for Covid inoculation was a great representation of how robots can be utilized to forestall Covid. The Central Government is effectively considering growing the utilization of robots to convey Covid immunizations to confined regions. Prior, the focal government had arranged advanced records of six lakh towns through geo-unique planning utilizing drones. 

Robots have as of now become a basic part of numerous spaces like law implementation, horticulture, debacle the executives, Covid guard activities, traffic signal, protection, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan program, and coordination. In any case, the way that robots are turning into a security issue additionally should be viewed exceptionally in a serious way. 

Jihadi fear-based oppressor associations have been utilizing robots to do psychological militant assaults in different pieces of Jammu and Kashmir. It is in this way basic that the abuse of robots is completely forestalled while working on the principles with respect to drones. Simultaneously, the nature of robots brought into India should be guaranteed.

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How Many Minutes A Day Do You Look At The Phone? These Figures Are Astonishing

The greater part of us has a laid-back disposition with regards to painting an image about ourselves. 

Do you know how much time you will have lost in 2021 on YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp as a result? Sortlist has come up with an online calculator to inform you.

According to their estimates, 16- to 64-year-olds spend an average of 52,925 minutes on social media. It takes 36 days, 18 hours, and five minutes! We spend a lot of time in front of the screens without even realizing it. 


Realizing this, we decided to build such a calculator. Nicholas Finnet, co-founder and CMO of Sortlist, says the goal was to warn about the true length of our digital lives.

As part of the study, daily time spent on the Internet and social media were analyzed according to Hootsuite's Global Site of Digital 2021 report. According to this, in 2021 each person will spend about 145 minutes per day in front of the smartphone. In 2020, it was 142 minutes. According to this, 1,015 minutes per week, 4,410 minutes per month, and 52,925 minutes per year are lost in front of smartphones. In the last 18 months, people have been spending more time in front of screens than ever before.

Following Covid, a large number of people had to move to office houses. Officially I had to sit in front of the screens for a long time officially for zoom calls and so on. In addition to this, the free time was taken away by social media. The Sortlist has the opportunity to find the screen time of 2021 for each individual. For this, you need to give a day the time spent in front of smartphones. The shortlist will show you the year figures and the average figures.

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Sortlist points out that in 2021 we spent the most time in front of YouTube. We spent about 23 hours and 12 minutes each month in 2021 on YouTube alone. We set aside an average of 19.30 hours per month for second-place Facebook. Soon after, we spent 19 hours and 24 minutes per month on the third WhatsApp. The sorted list of screen time by country has also been released. 

Filipinos spend the most time in front of smartphones in the world. They spend 10.56 hours every day scrolling in front of smartphones! Countries like Brazil 10 hours and 8 minutes, Colombia 10 hours and seven minutes, and South Africa 10 hours and six minutes are not far behind in wasting time in front of smartphones.

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'In the changing times, we have to sit in front of the screens for a long time as part of our work. Therefore, spending time online is not entirely wrong. At the same time, it's a good idea to spend some time on social media and online. You need to enjoy life outside of this. Nicholas Finnett says the effort is a reminder of how much time we waste on social media.

There Are 8 Things That Can Change Human Life This Year

The involvement of technology in daily life is increasing. 

In the past 2021, we have come out of the grip of the epidemic and have relied heavily on technology to move office life and everyday life forward. 

Humans today are going through a time of great crisis without advanced technology. That is why we are curious to see how technology will have a greater impact on our lives in 2022. 

Be aware of some of the technologies that may influence us this year, or in the years to come:


The Facebook company known as Meta is trying to introduce metaverse before anyone else can. However, many companies, including Microsoft, have come down to investing in the metaverse. What is Metavirus? There is an interpretation that the next stage of the Internet is metavirus. 


MetaVeurs will strive to provide a more immersive experience by utilizing technologies that have been heard for years but have not reached anywhere, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. At the same time, the question has been raised as to whether the intention is to allow private companies to decide the entire rules of this virtual space.

∙Will Metaware make such big strides?

Although the concept of metavirus is likely to advance further by 2022, it is safe to assume that the technology is going to engulf the entire world. There are also researchers who argue that humanity may not jump into such a virtual life this year. 

In addition, the technology behind MetaVoors has been available since 2000. At the same time, it is predicted that in 2022 you will be reading the latest news about MetaVeores every day.

∙ Blockchain, NFT

The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies may be more widely used. Even the Reserve Bank of India is planning to introduce a digital rupee using this technology. The use of NFT or non-refundable tokens may

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Will the digital avatar be created in 2022?

Memoji was created by Apple to work with their TrueDepth camera system on iOS. Apple has given users the opportunity to customize and present their avatars. It was later taken over by several companies. 

One of the main attractions of MetaVerus is that users can create their own digital avatars and meet friends on the Internet. Many Internet users may create their own digital version by 2022. Especially young people.

Augmented reality will become more widespread

There has been a lot of news about augmented reality over the years but the number of people who use it is still relatively small. But many companies are launching more AR glasses. Oppo is the last company to bring such a thing. 

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It is expected that more companies, including Apple, will introduce AR glasses in the coming months. These can come in many forms. These will come with a variety of features. In any case, the innovation behind them is no different either way.

Reliance Jio's Leap, 5G Launch, New Government Bills

Technology has become one of the most important sectors in the country. 

Changes in this area can affect daily life in many ways. If the increase in the price of internet data could affect ordinary YouTube visitors, the cryptocurrency policy could also affect those who have invested billions of dollars in digital money. 

The Data Management Act and the Cryptocurrency Bill are two of the most important bills to come in India in the field of technology. 

The last two years have seen an increase in the number of Indians interacting with the Internet, as in all other countries.

Data Protection Bill

The bill was introduced in Parliament on December 11, 2019, by the then Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. But for various reasons, it was not passed. It is back in Parliament during the current winter session of Parliament. 


The law says personal data leaks should be dealt with severely. Similarly, social media, which does not have government intermediaries status, may also go into crisis. The platforms themselves are responsible for the content that users post on such social media. Earlier, Twitter and the government had been at loggerheads over their refusal to grant Intermediate status, but the company eventually relented.

Completely opposes the bill - Congress MP

Congress MP Manish Tiwari, who filed his dissent against the bill, said he was opposed to the bill in all respects. He said in an interview with The Indian Express that the bill has a lot of weapons to use against the general public but at the same time provides security to those in the government sector. 

He says the new bill will be valid only in the context of the Supreme Court ruling that declared privacy a fundamental right. He says he is more opposed to Clause 35 of the bill. This is the part where the government gives concessions in terms of data management.

Cryptocurrency Bill

So far, the message has been that the center will completely ban private cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. But reports from People say that's just what's happening.

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5G is coming

One of the biggest changes next year is that 5G technology will reach many parts of the country by the end of the year. Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone-Idea have all started 5G testing. Many smartphones now in the country are capable of accepting 5G services.

Jiophone Next

Jiophone Next is the story of Reliance Jio's mission to take up the Make in India mission and launch a smartphone. It was initially rumored that a smartphone would be launched for around Rs 3,500. 

For this, Jio has actually teamed up with Google itself. But despite the consensus of Google and Reliance engineers, a phone could not be made at the intended price. Finally, the phone is priced at Rs 6,499 with Qualcomm 215 processor, 16GB storage capacity, and 2GB RAM.

But the company has also made it possible to own a phone on a regular basis. Initially, you have to pay Rs 1999. Then you are given the option to pay Rs 300 to Rs 600 per month. There is also a threat that the phone may stop working if the times are not paid. 

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy M01 phone (2GB RAM, 32GB storage capacity) can be purchased for Rs 5,999. With 1GB RAM and 16GB storage capacity, the Galaxy M01 is priced at Rs 4,999. The Redmi Go phone is priced at Rs 6,499. In short, Reliance's attempt to launch a cheaper phone did not see the intended result. It is assumed that the shortage of processors and components caused problems for the company.

Other Indian smartphone makers

Other Indian phone makers include Micromax, Carbon, Lava, Onida, Spice, Videocon, iBall Sync, Intex, and Max Mobile. These two have not yet excelled enough to compete with the Chinese phone makers. Micromax says new handsets are expected to hit the Indian market by 2021.

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Online business area

Reliance, which dominates the telecom sector in the country, is one of its next areas of focus on online trading. The assessment is that Reliance may enter this sector, which is now undeniably dominated by Flipkart and Amazon, in the coming years. To this end, the company's Geomart is now focusing mainly on the grocery business. 

Reliance has also reached an agreement with Meta (Facebook) to sell Jiomart products through WhatsApp. According to reports, WhatsApp, which operates under Facebook, has more than 40 crore users. Reliance will try to bring this to their advantage.

The company may also try to bring regular stores under its purview. This way, the company expects the goods to be delivered on the same day. Ambani, Asia's richest company, is aiming to bring millions of stores across the country with them. 

As part of this, Reliance has launched an attempt to take over the country's traditional distribution network. This has even led to clashes with distribution companies and Reliance in states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.



 WhatsApp is now releasing a new privacy update that will hide the 'last seen' status from people you do not know.

Before this, WhatsApp had set the feature on "Everyone" by default, which allowed anyone on WhatsApp to see your status.

As The Verse stated, WhatsApp's new update will limit the visibility of your status and set the feature to "My Contacts' by default instead of "Everyone".

The option, "My Contacts" option for your "last seen" status was available, but not a default.

It should also be mentioned that WhatsApp has a" Nobody" option too. This option prevents all users from seeing your "Last Seen".

Your status lets other users know the time you were last online, or if you are using WhatsApp. The "My Contacts" option does not allow third-party apps from logging your last online, because an app isn't in your contacts. It is also boosting privacy by making the disappearing messaging feature the default.

Source: The Statesman (WITH INPUTS FROM ANI )

7 Steps To Implement New Technology.

We frequently settle on a brilliant choice of picking innovation to savor the benefits and to acquire an edge over contenders

However, we get frustrated in the midst of if we attempt to introduce an innovation without anyone else and flop in doing as such. Another innovation setup could be extremely smooth and direct when finished inside the watchfulness of a talented innovation proficient represented considerable authority in the innovation to be executed.

Every business is different and their needs vary greatly depending on the type of business, yet information technology is an effective choice for every type of enterprise. For your business, you can choose to start with one technology and you can be successful only in two cases, either you are proficient in technology or you are lucky in it. 

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Hence it is advisable to consult skilled IT service providers; Not only will they help you choose and install the right technology, but they can also design the best software for your business needs if there are no existing solutions for your business. 

The steps listed below explain how to get started and move forward with new technology or custom-developed software solutions.

1. Know the needs of your business.

You are the best person who knows your business needs. Document all requirements in detail, a clear description of the existing system, expected solutions, alternative methods of problem-solving (if you have one), the weight of the problem, and the impact on your business. 

If you have this information, you will have a checklist that you can compare to the one you like and proceed with the solution. It is important to identify the technical solution and involve the end-user in the process before implementing it.

2. Evaluate all available resources.

To start any kind of information technology, you need at least, obviously, a computer. And if you have employees who work for you, it's a good idea to know how far they can go with new technology. It is important to recognize the financial, financial, and technical skills of your employees; This information will enable you to choose the right solution for your business.

3. Budget for new technology.

Now that you know your finances, it's time to allocate funds. Consider the following costs when conducting an audit for a software solution; Software company consultancy, procurement of required hardware, sourcing of solutions from IT vendors, installation of solutions, self and staff training, maintenance and support costs, etc.

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4. Talk to an IT expert; State your business and needs.

Even if you know that there is an existing application software at a low cost, it is always better to contact the software companies to learn about all the available options, you may be able to find a better method. 

Huh. If you don't know the technology that will benefit your business, explain to them what you want to do, if possible submitting the document you created in Step 1. Your provider can come if you would like to discuss your budget. With satisfaction within your budget. Sometimes custom developed software packages provide better benefits than canned software on the market.

5. Get the solution from your preferred provider.

Software applications may be available to suit your needs, you can retrieve your software and continue with the installation with the help of your software provider. If you do not have any software that meets the needs of your business, get custom software developed by a reputable custom programming service provider in the market.

6. Check software acceptance, train the end-user.

Once successfully delivered and installed, your software solution (either custom-developed software or packaged software) is ready for user acceptance testing, involving your employees and various sets of entered data. Tests and reports for any improvements required in the working of the software. , Hold training sessions to introduce your employees to the newly installed solution.

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7. Always be in touch with your vendor, update your system as needed.

As your business progresses, you may need to make changes to your information system to meet the new requirements. Plus, offering the latest technology of that era can be more profitable for your business. Sometimes you may have questions about software, contact your software company and let them know your needs. 

Give feedback on the software, it enables them to improve their offerings and if you are very happy with their service don't forget to write a testimonial free article it is part of the motivation that will help them to improve it for you. to serve. future requests

From November 1 Online To School, Children Need Special Care

Figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau show that children are not safe in cyberspace. Children Need Special Care 

Last year, the number of cyber cases against children in India stood at 1,102. This shows that the proportion of these crimes in 2019 and 18 was 305 and 232 respectively.The vast majority of the cases announced in 2020 were identified with digital sexual entertainment 738 

It should be added that there has been an increase in the number of cases by 2020 while children are turning to online education entirely. In 2020, 126 cases have been reported in Kerala. These figures were 30 in 2019 and 25 in 2018.

As covid expanded their education and moved online, children also went online full time. Studies show that during the Covid period.

Youngsters burn through 46% of their spare energy on the Internet or on the telephone. 

online scams

According to Bodhini, an NGO working against cyber crimes against children, cyber crimes have increased as children spend more time online. When schools open, people leave the safety of their homes and wait outside the net to exploit the children.

Bodhini has warned that there is a need for caution not fear in this regard. Parents and children all came together due to the spread of covid but mentally they were all in different places.

Kids study online while mom and dad are busy with office work. In the past, many households had restrictions on internet and phone usage by children, but with the advent of online education, this has become impossible. This causes many problems for the children.

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The Kerala Police Cyber ​​Dome Division's decision to start cyber clubs in state schools and the Child Protection Commission's recommendation to keep children away from clubhouses will reveal the extent to which social media is adversely affecting children.

The State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has directed the government to take steps to prevent minors from participating in clubhouses after clubhouse members have sex with minors and expose them to pornography. The clubhouse is a web-based media stage where a gathering of individuals can talk and cooperate with one another. 

Discussions are not recorded and material is removed after each session. So it is difficult to prove whether it is an illegal act or not.

Recognize Cyber ​​Addiction

If all else fails, children should be considered addicted to the Internet. LC is called an omen. Cyber ​​addiction occurs when children want to play, talk, and spend time with their parents instead of having fun on the computer or phone.

If you spend some time in the beginning, it can gradually increase to 6-12 hours. You can enjoy the internet without sleeping at night. Even if you understand its negative aspects, you will not be able to get out of it. Symptoms of Internet addiction include irritability, insomnia, severe depression, learning disabilities, and neglect to use the phone.

Cyber ​​addiction is not

It is better to have no worse than a poor horse. The initial step is to figure out how to utilize the Internet securely. Youngsters and guardians need to know when they will get dependent on the Internet. Kids should be informed that Internet use can influence their mind work. You must be more oppressive in the help you give to others.  Children should not use the internet for more than two hours. After this time, parents must decide whether to return the phone or turn off the Internet. Don't let the kids say too much and try to relax in this regard. If any of your children are addicted to the Internet, seek the help of a psychiatrist. LC is called an omen.

Cyberworld should know

Children also need to understand what the cyber world is all about for secure online access. Nothing posted online ends with a delete button. Anything you share on social media can be deleted and recovered. Most of the people we see in posts and pictures on social media are not actually outside the cyber world. Social media narrates stories of friendship that begin with fun and end with threats and death. Youngsters and guardians should be extra mindful so as not to fall into such digital snares. These things can be dealt with for safe utilize 1. Try not to share our photographs and recordings that others ought not see. 

2. Try not to reveal individual data or future data on the web.

3. Try not to acknowledge demands before outsiders. Try not to attempt to meet them vis-à-vis and set up cordial relations.

4. Lock and protect your password and personal information. Do not share passwords with strangers.

5. Block explicit sex chats and messages. Tell the parents.

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6. Cyber ​​Bullying is a punishable offense. If you are the victim of abuse, report it to the police immediately. Do not delete messages or accounts. They can be used as evidence.

7. If you are immediately aware of the danger, tell your parents first. Don't be a victim of exploitation.

8. Parents should be aware of what their children are doing online. Make sure children don't watch pornography.

To be seen in the web world - 

1. While making a secret phrase, stay away from monikers and dates of birth and set a secret word that is hard for another person to discover, Share the secret word with guardians. 

2. When introducing applications, peruse and comprehend the agreements and permit just what you wanted. 

3. Switch off the telephone the second you feel the telephone use is expanding. Figure out an ideal opportunity for different interests and discover euphoria in them. 

4. Try not to surrender your telephone to anybody. While fixing a telephone, give it to a legitimate shop. You really wanted to eliminate the SIM and SD card from the telephone and reset it and give it to the shop. 

5. Try not to share pictures of kids via online media. It is an offense to view or share obscene. 

With the school opening in November, kids are preparing to fly out of their homes. There might be individuals hanging tight for you in it. The triumph of every one of the youngsters is the place where they don't remain to succumb.

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Excessive Phone Use Can Ruin mental Health!

Most people today have smartphones of various brands in their hands, Know-how Excessive Phone Use Can Ruin mental Health!

But researchers around the world have expressed concern that excessive smartphone use could harm people's mental health. Meanwhile, according to Mac 9 to 5, the researchers behind the mental health app Shine have met with Apple chief Tim Cook.

Shine is one of the best apps selected in the Apple App Store. Cook has told app developers that excessive use of smartphones can lead to mental health problems.
Stressed neo-nonconformists and their an Earth-wide temperature boost, try to keep your hat on 
"People are concerned about the use of technology outside a certain range," Cook said. He said that he is disturbed to see people constantly scrolling on the phone. This can lead to a problem of negativity.
However, the head of the iPhone maker said that people are not against the use of technology. But he said he doesn't like people being fooled and scrolling constantly. Technology is important to people. "It's not the other way around," he said.

Cook says he was depressed because of the pandemic

Cook revealed that he was not Superman, did not have an S on his chest and that he, like everyone else, had an epileptic seizure. He enjoys many special privileges over others. But Cook said there is no medicine that can stop the flow of emotions, although their effects can be lessened. Check out Cook's Technique to see if you're using other techniques.

Last year, Cook likewise took a stand in opposition to the abuse of innovation.. You can use Cook's expression to figure out if your phone is being overused: a general rule he shares. "If you look at the device more every day, you're doing it wrong and not in the public eye," he said. I don't know Hindi, so the hate campaign of RSS didn't stop - eg.
Facebook employee
The Indian Express reports that Francis Hogan, a former employee of the agency, said Facebook was aware of the fact that RSS and groups in India were spreading hate speech against Muslims through its platform.

However, he said that he cannot take action as he does not have classifiers in Hindi and Bengali. The classifier is an algorithm that detects hate speech on Facebook. Facebook did not have categorization into local languages, including Hindi and Bengali.

Starlink To Set Up 2 Lakh Satellite Internet Terminals In India, Know More

Elon Musk's SpaceX is reportedly preparing to approach the Central, to set up 2 lakh satellite internet terminals in India
Starlink To Set Up 2 Lakh Satellite Internet Terminals In India, Know More
Starlink To Set Up 2 Lakh Satellite Internet Terminals In India, Know More

The public authority soon for consent to dispatch a satellite broadband web access in India. Sanjay Bhargava, head of Starlink India, said the organization intends to set up two lakh dynamic terminals in the country by December 2022. 

Simultaneously, he uncovered through his LinkedIn page that getting government endorsement is a convoluted interaction and the organization is attempting to get endorsement for the underlying venture quickly. The organization plans to carry out the Starlink administration across India. 

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Sanjay turns into the head of India 

Prior, there were bits of gossip that he may be given Starling's charge in India. Sanjay, Musk's friend, says he is hopeful that the public authority will endorse the underlying arrangement for satellite web at the all 

India level in the following, not many months. 

Starlink's adversaries are Airtel, Tata, and Amazon's SatcomStarling, which is getting ready to enter India, will confront an extreme test. OneWeb, obtained by Bharti, Airtel's worldwide arm, is one of the main organizations in India in the field of satellite web. Another organization is Satcom, the author of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Goodbye Telesat is another organization that needs to assume control over the area. Some different organizations are likewise wanting to enter the area. 

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Starlink began tolerating pre-orders 

The organization started tolerating pre-orders from those keen on utilizing the beta form of Starlink's satellite Internet. The expense for this is $ 99 (around Rs. 7350). It will be discounted later. As indicated by the organization's site, the help will be dispatched in India in 2022. Nonetheless, the assistance will be given just the endorsement of the specialists. The organization plans to begin giving web to the individuals who book first whenever supported. Simultaneously, it is as yet suspicious whether the public authority will endorse it in metropolitan regions. 

Currently, more than 5000 individuals have booked Sanjay uncovered that in excess of 5,000 individuals have effectively reserved from India for their administrations. He approached Indians to contribute $ 99 and put themselves on the need list. He advised them that the stand-by could stay away from thusly. Starlink as of now exists in numerous nations. He said it would be advantageous for the organization when more individuals pre-request and approach the public authority for endorsement. 

The discussion before it begins 

Simultaneously, his words have started new contention. The letter was distributed on the customer discussion Telecom Watchdog, asserting that Starlink was duping clients. This has additionally been given to the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) of India. The letter affirms that Starlink, which doesn't have a permit to work in India, purchases $ 99 each to mislead individuals. 

The letter additionally called for guaranteed activity against Starling for participating in criminal operations. The huge rivalry is coming Observers say it would be astounding in case there was no debate in a space where a huge contest is going to begin. The Internet will be given by a local area of Low-Earth Orbit (Leo) satellites. 

Specialists gauge that in a brief timeframe, satellite Internet will turn into a $ 1 billion yearly business. It is said that 75% of India's rustic regions are still with next to no type of web. Satellite web might be the arrangement. However, presently the cross-examination emerges with respect to the number of individuals who can bear the cost of this help which must be utilized for acceptable cash. 

Sanjay to visit the US for additional explanation 

Sanjay said he would before long visit the organization's base camp in the US to discover more with regards to SpaceX ''s tasks in India. He said he would leave in the not-so-distant future and things would get more clear after that.

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Vodafone-Idea Locks Up And Warns If The Government Does Not Correct Mistakes.

Vodafone Idea (V), one of the main telecom organizations, has said that Vodafone-Idea locks up and warns if the government does not corre...

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