Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Black Screen In Windows 11

 Black screen in Windows 11
Black screen in Windows 11
Black screen in Windows 11

In Microsoft's new Windows working framework, Microsoft isn't halting simply by rolling out visual improvements to the Start menu. The blue screen of death that has been continuing for quite a long time because of different mistakes is additionally evolving. The new working framework will have a dark screen rather than a blue screen. This is whenever Microsoft first is rolling out significant improvements to this piece of the Windows interface since adding QR codes in 2016. The new Blue Screen on Death (BSOD) isn't dispatched at this point, however, clients can transform it physically from the Windows Registry before it's formally dispatched. It isn't yet clear why Microsoft is changing the shade of BSOD. Be that as it may, as indicated by The Verge, Microsoft is making changes to different pieces of the Windows interface to make the working framework more current.

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