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Experts Say The Internet Needs To Be Studied And Prepared For A Solar Storm

Warning again! Experts say the Internet needs to be studied and prepared for a solar storm
Experts Say The Internet Needs To Be Studied And Prepared For A Solar Storm
Experts Say The Internet Needs To Be Studied And Prepared For A Solar Storm

The research paper presented at the SIGCOM 2021 (SIGCOMM 2021) Data Communication Conference on August 23-27 is now the subject of much discussion on the Internet. The next solar storm could disrupt the Internet, warning that it could disrupt modern life. Normal life was disrupted when covid-19 arrived unexpectedly. Similarly, a new study warns humanity of the dangers of a solar storm reaching Earth. 

What is solar wind? 

Magnetized particles from the Sun are constantly moving in the direction of the Earth. This is called solar wind. Much of this electric wind is blown into the Earth's magnetic shield. So it does not harm those on earth. However, the paper states that solar wind can blow once every century.

If that happened then it would be a catastrophe for mankind. It is said that an 'Internet catastrophe' could happen in the world. Sangeetha Abdu Jyoti, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, says a large number of communities could be isolated for weeks, sometimes months. This essay is yet to be peer-reviewed.

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Be prepared

Sangeetha told The Wide that the idea was that mankind was not ready to deal with the Covid epidemic when it broke out. The researchers also point out that no preparations have been made to deal with a major solar disaster. Rarely, heavy solar eruptions or coronal mass ejections occur, which is also one of the unpreparedness. According to the paper, the risk of severe space weather affecting the Earth ranges from 1.6 percent to 12 percent per decade.

What happened in the end?

The two most recent years recorded are 1859 and 1921. The Solar Storm, also known as the Carrington event of 1859, caused severe geomagnetic problems. At this time the telegraph wires were on fire. However, researchers are trying to draw the world's attention to the fact that even milder solar winds can cause problems. The last such event was in1989. This included a 9-hour blackout in the Canadian province of Quebec. But the reason to be careful is that humanity today relies more on the Internet than ever before. The music also highlights the fact that no significant study has been done on what can happen when a solar storm strikes.

Does not affect fiber-optics, but In most places today, the Internet is accessed by fiber-optic cables. It is good that they are not affected by the solar storm. But that's not the story of Internet cables laid under the sea. These are placed with a repeater about 30 to 89 miles apart. These repeaters can be affected by a solar storm. The paper states that if this happens, the entire cable network will be down. Music says that if this happens in a particular region, even the connection between the continents can be severed. 

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Loss of up to $ 700 billion a day in the United States 

Countries with higher altitudes will have more problems. The paper also says that countries like the United States and Britain are at greater risk. Such countries will be the first to be disconnected from the Internet. Music says that if the Internet is disconnected, the United States alone will lose $ 7 billion a day. Then they are reminded of the situation where they have to spend weeks or months without internet. They also say that once the next solar storm erupts from the sun, humans will have about 13 hours to prepare.

China fines companies for raising prices for automated chips

China has fined three local companies $ 388,300 for raising the price of vehicle chips. Authorities fined Shanghai Chengxing Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chetar, and Shenzhen Yuchang Technologies. Authorities warned that changes in prices would be closely watched and that illegal price hikes and other punishments would be invited. Reuters reports that global automakers such as Ford Motors, Honda Motor, General Motors, and Volkswagen have reduced or discontinued the production of vehicles due to chip shortages.

MSI with 'world's first monitor with HMI dial

Leading manufacturer MSI has introduced a 37.5-inch monitor for those who like to play games on the widescreen screen. One of the key features of the monitor called the Optics MEG 381 MacRae Plus is the HMI(Human Machine Interface). MSI claims that this is the first monitor in the world to come out with this feature. The HMI is attached to the bottom of the screen. The monitor is provided with a slightly curved 2300 R IPS panel. There is also the Nvidia G-Zinc Ultimate. The UWQHDPlus (3840 x 1600) resolution monitor has a 175Hz refresh rate, Visa display HDR600, and 1 millisecond response time.

A special feature of the monitor is the HMI dial itself. It is attached to the bottom left of the screen. The advantage of this is that gamers can easily change various display modes and other settings. Changing these settings on standard monitors is not an easy task, especially during an ongoing game. It also has an RGB panel, Visa mounting, two HDMI 2.0 ports, a display port 1.4, and a USB hub. The hub includes three USB-A3.2 first-generation ports and one USB-C3.2 first-generation port. It is also worth noting that the MSI HDMI 2.1 port, which did all this, is not included. The price has not been released.

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