Sunday, September 26, 2021

An Indian Company With The Flying Car, First Show In October

Flying cars are considered to be the next milestone in the history of travel. An Indian company with the flying Car, First Show In October 
An Indian Company With The Flying Car, First Show In October
An Indian Company With The Flying Car, First Show In October 

Therefore, the competition to achieve such vehicles capable of flying in a van while running on the road is heating up globally. Chennai-based Vinata Aeromobility is the Indian presence in the efforts to make the flying car a reality.

Vinita Aeromobility's self-driving hybrid flying car will make its debut at the Helitech show at Excel in London on October 5th. Claiming to be Asia's first hybrid fuel flying car, the dual-seater vehicle is powered by bio-fuel as well as electricity.

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The total weight of the flying car is 1,100 kg. This spacecraft can carry a weight of 1300 kg. The flying car that ascends and ascends (VTOL) is included in the Hybrid Electric VTOL category; The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The backup power system is also set up to keep the motor running in the event of a power outage from the generator.

Vinita's hybrid flying car has a digital instrument panel powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Vinata claims that the flying car, which comes with an uncompromising design insight, will be as luxurious as the GPS tracker system and onboard entertainment. The company offers the facility of a 300-degree view through the panoramic window canopy.

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The maximum speed offered by the manufacturers is 120 km per hour for a flying car with a range of 100 km on a single charge. With the ability to fly at altitudes up to 3000 feet, the 'flying car' can stay in the air for up to an hour.

In addition to ejection parachutes, airbags are also fitted in the cockpit to ensure the safety of passengers. The 'flying car' will use a distributed electric propulsion (DEP) system to improve safety; By attaching several propellers and motors, this system allows the 'flying car' to land safely even if one or two parts of the machine malfunction.

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