Wednesday, October 19, 2022

India To Launch First Solar Mission Aditya L1 To Study Corona

Aditya or Aditya L1. Preparations for India's worldwide solar mission are nearing completion.
India To Launch First Solar Mission Aditya L1 To Study Corona
India To Launch First Solar Mission Aditya L1 To Study Corona

ISRO plans to dispatch Aditya before the finish of 2022. The mission, planned for mid 2020, was deferred in the wake of Coronavirus. The satellite, which weighs 400 kg, will convey a payload called the Visible Emission Line Coronograph (VELC). 

The arrangement is to concentrate on the Sun from one of the Lagrangian focuses between the Earth and the Sun. The L-1 point is remarkable in that it can see the sun constantly without interference. 

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That is the reason India's sun oriented mission is currently known as Aditya-L1. L-1 is 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. The mission will have six payloads for nitty gritty examinations. The PSLV-XL rocket will carry Aditya nearer to the Sun from Sriharikota. 

Aditya's primary objective was to concentrate on the crown of the Sun. The temperature there is higher than the photosphere, the focal point of the sun. How it got to a high temperature is as yet one of the unanswered inquiries. 

Aside from this, Aditya likewise expects to notice the photosphere and chromosphere of the Sun. Aditya likewise has devices to concentrate on the particles that begin from the Sun and arrive at L-1. Among the payloads is an attractive meter that actions the strength of the attractive field in the vacuum circle around L1. 

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In Aditya Visible Emission Line Coronograph (VELC) - Study of the sun powered crown. Sun powered Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (SUIIT) - Illustration of the Sun's photosphere and chromosphere. Aditya Solar Wind Particle Experiment (Aspex) - Study of the attributes of the sun oriented breeze. 

Plasma Analyzer Package for Aditya (PAPA) - Study on the design and dissemination of sunlight based breeze energy. Sun based Low Energy X-beam Spectrometer (SOLEX) - Study of the temperature of the sun oriented crown. High Energy L1 Orbiting X-Spectrometer-Energy Study in the Solar. Crown Study of the magnetometer-sun based attractive field.

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