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'Self-killing' Teenage Girls! Shocking Report That Instagram Is Toxic

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a popular app among young people, Know Shocking reports that Instagram is toxic
'Self-killing' Teenage Girls! Shocking Report That Instagram Is Toxic
'Self-killing' Teenage Girls! Shocking Report That Instagram Is Toxic

A direct study of Facebook and Instagram found that it was toxic to a good percentage of young people, especially teenage girls. The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has decided to ignore this finding. 

The journal claims that they checked the slides that were posted in 2020 on the notice board inside Facebook. According to the report, 32 percent of girls said they had a dislike for their body and that Instagram uses made it worse.

Feel like killing yourself

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. This is a problem for one in three girls and teenagers who blame Instagram for their anxiety and depression. The company had discovered this in 2019 itself. 

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According to a review by The Wall Street Journal, 13 percent of British users and 6 percent of American users feel that they are being killed by the influence of Instagram.

All this was ignored by Facebook

The journal alleges that Facebook tried to move forward by ignoring even the findings of its own research. It is alleged that the results of Facebook's research were withheld from lawyers and experts. Despite repeated requests, the company did not provide it for inspection. 

All of this information was collected between 2019 and 2020 by certain groups, collected through online surveys, and studied by diaries. In addition, large surveys of tens of thousands of teens in 2021 found the same. The findings include a study of how much time children spend on Instagram, what they watch there, and data on Facebook.

Instagram response

Following the publication of an article in The Wall Street Journal, Karina Newton, Head of Public Policy at Instagram, posted a blog post about it. It is also worth noting that the post, titled Using Research to Improve Your Experience, made no attempt to disprove the authenticity of the documents examined by the journal. However, it has been said that the journal's news contains only a few findings. In addition, there is no attempt anywhere in the article to co-opt this research. 

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At the same time, it cites findings from a study by Harvard University. The study found that children experienced positive and negative experiences from social media. Karina says she is exploring the pros and cons of getting kids out of Instagram. They are proud to give the voiceless the opportunity to comment. They also say that Instagram helps them stay in touch with friends and family. They also wrote that they need to bring more transparency to their findings through research.

Social media is a double-edged sword

Using social media is both good and bad. In addition, fake news can spread through them. Social media companies never take action against bad detection because they want to ensure good business. 

For many teenagers who do not have much life experience, the bad comments they get on social media, including Instagram, about their appearance are heartbreaking. An earlier report, published in Mail Online, found that 40 percent of visitors to plastic surgery clinics in the United States use 'filters' to enhance their face in Instagram selfies. 

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