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'Airtel Black' Offers Unlimited Data, 200 Mbps Speed With Jio Challenge and Offer

Competition in the country's telecom market continues, Airtel Black' offers unlimited data
'Airtel Black' Offers Unlimited Data, 200 Mbps Speed With Jio Challenge and Offer
'Airtel Black' Offers Unlimited Data, 200 Mbps Speed With Jio Challenge and Offer

Most companies offer a variety of plans to attract customers. Airtel, Jio's main rival, has also unveiled new plans. Airtel is offering unlimited broadband internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps. Under the new offer, the company has brought the phone, broadband, and DTH services under one umbrella. The new plan, called Airtel Black, offers attractive offers. 

The best offer includes unlimited data at 200 Mbps, three SIMs (1 SIM and 2 add-on SIMs) with 260 GB of data for three SIMs, unlimited local STD calls, and SMS. Plus DTH TV channels for Rs 424, 1 year Amazon Prime membership, Includes Airtel Extreme App for 1 year. It is priced at Rs 2,099. (In addition to GST.) The second offer is for high-speed internet users. It costs Rs1,598. Broadband internet is available at 200 Mbps just like the first offer. Only two postpaid SIMs are available. 105 GB of data is also available for both the SIMs. Also included is Amazon Prime and Airtel.

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Xtreme app

The third offer does not include broadband data. It is priced at Rs 1,349. It comes with 3 postpaid SIMs and offers unlimited calls and SMS. Additionally, 210GB of data can be used. It also offers TV channels for Rs 350. One-year Amazon Prime membership and Airtel Xtreme app are also available as part of the offer. The lowest plan price is Rs 998. It offers 2 mobile connections, 105 GB of data, and TV channels up to Rs 350. Also get Amazon Prime membership and the Airtel Xtreme app. What is the benefit? Airtel is trying to bring all the facilities under one roof as homes, offices, educational institutions have become a platform for entertainment. Additionally, you can avoid having to pay for multiple services over and over again. You can pay for Airtel Fiber Plus landline, postpaid mobile, and DTH services for a single home on a single bill. 

The company says it has a dedicated customer care service for Airtel Black users. Existing Airtel customers have also been provided with the facilities they need to integrate their various plans. In addition, the first month of service will be free. In Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kottayam, Kollam, Kannur, Pathanamthitta, Malappuram, It was initially made available in cities like Thrissur. At the same time, any plan should be considered after comparing the services of other companies, taking into account the additional GST, and so on. Reliance also owns a genetic testing company Reliance Strategic Business Ventures, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, has acquired the genome testing arm of Strand Life Sciences Pvt. An amount of `393 crore has been spent on this.


It will work with Reliance's digital healthcare ventures. Strand Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most important companies in the country for genetic testing. 20,000 $ 20 billion lawsuits against Apple Apple's App Store has come under fire from around the world. It was in this context that the New Jersey-based primary production company Maine filed a complaint with the District Judge against Apple. The case is against Apple's authoritarian tendencies in the operation of the App Store. The IANS reports that the case under consideration was filed last May. This class of action lawsuit is seeking at least $ 20 billion in damages. Of this, $ 900 million belongs to the main complainant, Primary Productions. Apple had earlier requested that the case be transferred to California.

Apple's controversial feature will be delayed Apple has announced that it will scan images on iCloud to see if it keeps images of child sexual abuse. TechCrunch reports that Apple has announced that it will take more time to bring in its Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) feature, given the feedback from consumers, various researchers, volunteers, and others. This is expected in the coming months on Apple's iOS 15 and iPod OS 15 mobile operating systems.


TVs featuring Amazon Alexa will arrive in October Business Insider reports that TVs featuring Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, may be launched in the US in October. AmazonBasics TV has been launched in India. The TV with Alexa will be made by TCL for Amazon.

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