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What Are The Rules To Be Followed While Driving?

What are the rules to be followed while driving?
 What are the rules to be followed while driving? 

As a responsible citizen of the country, the rules and regulations must be followed at all times. One of these responsibilities is to drive properly on the highway. It is often seen that accidents occur due to careless driving. Many individuals lose their lives on the expressway. 

Yet, what should the driver,  associate, operator of the vehicle follow?

Let us know what the driver, associate, operator of the vehicle will have to follow-

*Follow traffic rules.

* On the off chance that you go to an obscure spot, keep the roadmap with you or take the help of GPS if possible.

* In the event that the vehicle stalls in the center,  thank the people who came forward for cooperation.

* Don't look for unnecessary shortcuts. Do not stop large vehicles in small lanes.

* Do not park at the zebra crossing at the traffic signal.

* Pick up the passengers to fix the fare. Do not demand extra fare for the purpose of getting lured or harassing the passenger. Don't make harsh comments if you don't get hired.

* Do not go on the tea-cigarette brake by driving yourself (driver) helper or helper.

* Always keep the required documents of the vehicle along with the driving license in up-to-date condition.

* Start driving to see if everything is working properly. Likewise, check in case there is sufficient fuel.

* Try not to chat on a cell phone while driving 

*Do not blow the horn in front of hospitals and educational institutions.

*Don't compete to get sick first. Try not to push different vehicles, try not to go into the corner. Follow a few lanes. If necessary, let the second cargo first.

* Do not blow the horn pointlessly. Do not blow the horn to increase the speed of the car in front even after leaving the signal. Use the horn only when necessary and in moderation.

* Do not cross the road divider or road divider by rickshaw or cycle or motorbike.

* Do not leave the bicycle or motorbike on the sidewalk as there is a traffic jam on the main road. The trail is for walkers as it were.

* If you find an empty road or there is no traffic police, avoid disregarding signals or driving in the direction of color.

* If passengers thank you upon arrival at the destination, you thank them in reply as well. pray for them.

* Blow the horn from afar to alert pedestrians. Don't come right back and give a sudden horn.

* When playing radio or music in the car, keep the sound at a level that can only be heard inside the car.

* In the event of a collision or scratch with another vehicle, resolve it as calmly as possible without making any noise on the road and decide what to do next.

* Do not make harsh remarks or abuse if you have to brake suddenly to prevent hitting a pedestrian or other vehicle.

* Stop the car at the designated stop and pick up the passenger.

* Drive in such a way that mud or water does not fall on the pedestrian.

*Avoid lifting and unloading passengers in public buses.

* Try to open the taxi or car door when disembarking and disembarking children, ladies, and old travelers. Give enough time to sit up.

*Do not take advantage of the danger or helplessness of passengers in hospitals, in front of blood banks, in natural calamities, and at airports, railway stations, launch docks, bus stands.

* If a passenger accidentally leaves something in your vehicle, try to return it.

* Do not stop the vehicle on the flyover or flyover and do not drop the passengers.

* Drive the vehicle within the prescribed speed limit.

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