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From November 1 Online To School, Children Need Special Care

Figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau show that children are not safe in cyberspace. Children Need Special Care 

The number of cyber cases against children reported in India last year was 1102. The scale of these crimes is clear from the fact that in 2019 and 18 it was 305 and 232 respectively. Most of the cases reported in 2020 were related to cyber pornography 738.

It should be added that the number of cases has increased by 2020 when children completely switched to online learning. In Kerala, 126 cases have been reported in 2020. The figures were 30 in 2019 and 25 in 2018.

As Covid expanded his learning and stepped online, kids also became online full-time. Studies show that during the Covid period.

Children spend 46 percent of their free time on the Internet or on the phone.

Online scams

According to Bodhini, a non-governmental organization working against cybercrime against children, there has been an increase in cybercrime as children spend more time online. When schools open, there will be people waiting outside the net to exploit children as they leave the security of their homes. 

Bodhini warns that vigilance, not fear, is needed in this regard. With the spread of Covid, parents and children all came together but mentally they were all in different places.

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Children study online while mom and dad are busy with office work. Earlier, many households had restrictions on the use of the internet and phones by children, but with the advent of education online, it has become unaffordable. This leads children to all sorts of pitfalls.

The decision of the Kerala Police Cyber Dome Division to start cyber clubs in schools in the state and the recommendation of the Child Protection Commission to keep children away from clubhouses will show the extent to which social media is adversely affecting children.

The State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights has directed the government to take steps to prevent minors from participating in clubhouses after noticing incidents where adults who are members of the clubhouse have sexual intercourse with minors and invite them into obscenity. The clubhouse is a social media platform where a group of people can talk and interact with each other. Discussions are not recorded, and content is deleted after each session. So it is difficult to prove even if there are illegal acts.

∙ Identify cyber addiction

If all else fails, children should be treated as Internet addicts. Says LC Oommen. Cyber addiction is when children who want to play, talk and spend time with their parents find happiness on the computer or phone instead.

If you spend some time in the beginning, it may gradually increase to 6–12 hours. You may be immersed in the internet without sleeping at night. Even if you understand the negative aspects of this, you will not be able to get out of it. Symptoms of Internet addiction include irritability, insomnia, severe depression, learning disabilities, and inattention when the phone is not used.

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∙ No cyber addiction

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. The first step is to learn how to use the Internet safely. Children and parents need to be aware of when they are going to internet addiction. Children need to be told that Internet use can affect their brain function.

You need to learn to use the Internet in a timely manner. Children should not use the Internet for more than two hours. After this time, the parents have to decide whether to return the phone or turn off the internet. Do not allow children to say many things and try to get relief in this regard. If you have a child who is heavily Internet-addicted, seek the help of a psychiatrist. Says LC Oommen.

Must know the cyber world

Children also need to understand what the cyber world is for safe online use. Anything posted online does not end with a delete button. Anything we share on social media can be recovered even if it is deleted. The people we see in posts and pictures on social media are not really outside the cyber world. Social media tells stories of friendships that start for fun and eventually lead to threats and death. Children and parents need to be extra careful not to fall into such cyber traps.

These things can be taken care of for safe use

1. Do not share our pictures and videos that others do not want to see.

2. Do not disclose personal information or future information online.

3. Do not accept front requests from strangers. Do not try to meet them face to face and establish friendly relations.

4. Lock and secure your password and personal information. Do not share passwords with strangers.

5. Block sexually explicit chats and messages. Inform parents.

6. Cyberbullying is a punishable offense. If you are a victim of abuse, report it to the police immediately. Do not delete messages or accounts. They can be used as evidence.

7. Inform your parents first if you become aware of the danger immediately. Do not give in to exploitation.

8. Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing online. Make sure children do not see pornography.

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 To be noticed in the internet world -

1. When creating a password, avoid nicknames and dates of birth and set a password that is difficult for someone else to find, Share the password with parents.

2. When installing apps, read and understand the terms and conditions and allow only what you need.

3. Switch off the phone the moment you feel the phone usage is increasing. Find time for other pastimes and find joy in them.

4. Do not hand over your phone to anyone. When repairing a phone, give it to a reputable shop. You need to remove the SIM and SD card from the phone and reset it and give it to the shop.

5. Do not share pictures of children on social media. It is an offense to view or share pornographic.

With the school opening in November, children are getting ready to fly out of their homes. There may be people waiting for you in it. The victory of each of the children is where they do not stand to fall prey.

From November 1 Online To School, Children Need Special Care

Figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau show that children are not safe in cyberspace.  Children Need Special Care   The numbe...